Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Mah Jong Olympics

"Don't forget peeps, you're playing against a Canadian. Your chances of a gold medal these days are slim to none!"

But alas, I didn't even medal in our Mah Jong Olympics. Or, as Cayenne likes to say, Mom won the Copper.

Cayenne won the gold. You go girl! Clearly, lots of Canadian in you.

Acacia created the medals last week when Ilona and Michel were here while I attended a Keller Williams convention, which happened to be in Phoenix. Handy! 
That's also when Cayenne got the shiner on her right eye, but that's another story...


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some Days are Diamond, Some Days are Stone

While the eastern half of the country enjoys blizzard after ice storm after deep freeze... we are enjoying the warmest winter in, according to the Telegraph, 150 years. Okay by me! As the Chief Shoveler and Primary Snowblowerer around here these days, I'm quite happy with the lack of in-town snow...

... and the unbelievably amazing effect it has had on Vallecito, a nearby reservoir. Without any snow cover to insulate the lake at night, the ice has grown to a foot thick, and the warm days has provided an almost glass-like surface.

It was so warm it didn't take long for the coats to come off...

Well, at least mine and Acacia's came off. 
Cayenne is always dressed for the North Pole...

...unlike this lad, who sped past us in shorts - carrying a fish in his left hand. Huh? 
His friends near the shore had built a fire on the ice,
and that one little fish fed the multitudes.

It was a diamond day.