Monday, January 28, 2013


So we ecaped Panama City without getting run over, but not without sunburns. Wanted to make sure we looked like tourists. The Canal sucked us into its web of brilliance, engineering and world-changing history. It´s truly amazing what humans can accomplish when the potential for money is involved.

Making our way west, we found ourselves in a lush, relaxing B&B - the owner pointing out our hammocks in the garden before delivering mango daiquiris. As we strolled the long stretch of beach, we cut through the all-inclusive resort to get to the local shop on the dusty road - seasoned travellers that we are and all - to get sunblock there instead of at the boutique gouging the north Americans currently in a dance line, learning the Macarena by the pool. 

"19 bucks for sunblock? Sorry, that´s too high."

"Espera," as he pulls out his calculator. "17 dollares, preco final."

We explained it was still too pricey and made to leave, and he says in Spanish, "But wait! We have Abuelo rum. Only $7.10 a bottle. How about that instead?"

ha! Que?

Ended up in the boutique. Paid 17 bucks for sunblock that didn´t work and got the rest of us burned.

So much to learn...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Time to Breathe

I was told when I got into real estate that if I ever want to sell a house, to go on vacation. Well, Nick and I are heading out tomorrow at the crack-o-dawn, and today, two houses I've had listed since last August got offers. That also means one of those owners will want to put an offer on another place they have their eye on as well.

This is a good thing, I know, but why now??? Oh well. I've been doing extra cleaning jobs around the house to prepare for Ilona and Michel staying here with the girls for 12 days. Haven't packed, don't know where we're going past Panama City and haven't even had a chance to think about it.

But I'm happy. Happy that the past 7 months of work are coming to fruition. Happy that I have in-laws who can slip into our lives and take over for a while. And happy that I have Katie (friend, neighbor, office-mate and work partner) to keep juggling the frying pans I have in the air at the moment.

So I apologize for the lengthy silence, and thank you for your loyalty.

I'm signing off for now but will pop in again from Panama, hopefully calmer and with a pina colada in my hand.

Love and hugs!


PS: Argh!! Just realized I never published my last post, so it's been REALLY long since I wrote. It was about gun control, and I had a really hard time wording what I wanted to say. I'll fix it and post it later.