Saturday, March 23, 2013

Warning: Mama Needs to Vent!

"Bankrupt? Whaddya mean?" (is what I said)

If the sellers of the house my friends are buying are filing for bankruptcy and it affects that sale and then the sale of their house to other buyers falls through I QUIT!
(is what I thought)

A different house I have listed with Katie went under contract when we were in Panama, and after six weeks of helping him redesign the house and researching septic laws and water permits and all kinds of other crap that naturally led us to believe he was about to buy the house, he walked away.

Another friend had been under contract to buy a place downtown for months when we ran out of loan options. He makes more money than any of us, but a tiny credit snag made all the lenders say no - and a new law trying to help the mortgage situation made it so the private lenders I'd found to give him a loan, weren't allowed to.

I found a house that fit these other clients perfectly. It was exactly what they wanted for $300,000 less than they were prepared to pay. Score! We were under contract the same day, knowing there were numerous other people ready to buy it too. My clients started calling all the contractors who worked on the house to get the scoop, and it turns out the owner is a huge pain to deal with. They told my people all kinds of stories of what a jerk he is. They walked away.

Huh? Wouldn't you want to buy a house built by a hard-to-please perfectionist?

We still haven't found them another house, and that perfect one is sold.

Then, after months of communicating with some new clients and finding them houses and going out to take videos and photos of specific angles, I drove them around for six hours. That's normal. But it turns out they were looking all over Colorado and had appointments with Realtors everywhere. That's not normal.

So frustrating!

So I'd already decided that if the final two of the five contracts I had going fell apart too (they were dependent on each other), I was done. What's so crazy though, is that when you do finally get paid, it makes up for the lean times. Gotta remember that. Gotta remember that.

We sorted things out and the two houses are supposed to close this Friday (29th). Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, somehow I ended up with this:

Ha! So maybe there's hope.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Masses of snow in Snowmass

What I love about my husband is his spontaneity and ability to come up with fabulous things to do at the drop of a hat. What I don't love about my husband is his complete inability to plan more than ten minutes in advance. (My apologies to the three branches of the family trying to get summer plans out of us at the moment...)

But back to the lovable part. Last weekend Nick said, "Let's go to Snowmass," and we did. After playing hockey in a tournament on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, I joined my family skiing all day Saturday and Sunday. My legs were done by Monday.

So much fun though!!

Don't slide! Driving between Silverton and Ouray on slick roads is not for the faint of heart.

These are the blue runs; on Saturday we had to head to blacks for powder... 

But it snowed all night and by Sunday there was deep stuff everywhere. Woohoo!