Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Routine Chaos

So here's our home this morning, four minutes before leaving for school:

"Mom? I need to bring my bike in today. Can you get it down?"

Get the bike down. Flat tire. Search for pump.

Text to Nick: "Do you have the bike pump?"

Nick: "Yup."

"Mom? You need to sign these forms."

Search for pen. Don't know what I'm signing.

Text to Erika (who was driving carpool today): "Can we borrow your bike pump?"

"Mom? Can you get this soup into the Thermos while I brush my teeth?"

Notice soup all over the counter from her attempt at Thermos filling.

"Mom? Where's the brush?"

"Wherever you left it."

"Mom? Can you sign my planner?"

Now where did I put down that pen?

"Mom - I need to bring in a check for the rock climbing thing."

Search for checkbook.

"Whom do I make it out to?"

"I don't know."

Erika pulls up with a Suburban full of kids and a bike pump. Quinn helps Acacia pump up the tires while Cayenne pulls out a pencil and starts asking me questions for the interview she was supposed to conduct for homework last night.

As they back out of the driveway and it becomes very, very still, I can't help but think, " and my Mom had five."

Monday, August 19, 2013

And They're Off - All of Them!

"Daddy's gone on many adventures like climbing Nanga Parbat and bush-flying in Africa, but moving to Phoenix in the middle of summer has to be the craziest," Acacia blurted out in between bites of dinner.

Cayenne's assessment of the situation looked forward rather than to the past: "What I think is crazy is that when he moves back, I'll be ready to get my driver's license."

Whoa Nelly! That is crazy.

And off he went, after a tearful hug and an "I'll see you Thursday." ha! Yup, the girls and I are heading down after school in four days to help him settle in. Four years is long, but not if we tackle it one week at a time.

And Nick wasn't the only one heading back for more education today...

Our middle-schoolers, in 6th & 7th grades now.

Some more cutely dressed than others, but they're all hitting the books, which makes me the responsible adult around here.

Now that just might be the craziest part of all.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

7 in 7

"Excuse me, Ma'am. But do you know the couple sitting at that table?"

I looked over and told the waitress no.

"...because they just paid for your dinner."

Really? Dang. I shoulda had the prime rib!

I went over to thank them, and they explained they so appreciate parents who've taken the time to raise well behaved kids, that they occasionally do something to show it, like pay their dinner tab.

Ha! How cool is that? Good thing they didn't see Miss Acacia on a sassy day...

The girls and I were in Denver for Acacia's last gymnastics meet. She'd placed first all-round at Regionals, so we had high hopes for the State level, but she just didn't have a good day. Happens to the best of us! She came in 4th on vault, so she got to come home with a medal, but she could've swept it. Still very proud of her, and I love watching her; she's very fluid and looks like a little gymnast. It's a huge thing for her to perform anything with an audience of strangers, so this season of meets has been good for her.

During the four days before her Regionals meet, she, Cayenne and Nick climbed six 14ers. Maybe that's what was missing last weekend!

And the day after Acacia's Regionals meet, I got to join them for their 7th peak in a week, Mt. Lindsey (14,042 ft).

Behind us are Blanca and Ellingwood. To the left of Blanca's peak and down 1,000ft, there are a few snow patches... and if you squint reeeeeeeally hard, you might see our camera that Nick dropped from the ridge...

(I suppose these photos aren't too bad, considering they're taken with a phone.)

Very proud of our baby girl.