Sunday, July 19, 2015

And then she turned 14

Vallecito Lake, June 23-24.

Some of my favourite childhood memories involve camping, so it was way fun to celebrate Cayenne's birthday on a lake, around a campfire, and in a tent.


Good night 13 year old...

Good morning 14 year old!

Presents! Woot!

And a silly string fight...

... shaving cream fight...

... and a little mermaid time, because we all want to be mermaids, right?!

That evening we went to Ilona and Michel's place for our traditional birthday dinner
where Cayenne got mousse au chocolate for dessert. 


And then in true Colorado style, a sudden crazy storm came through, so we had a contest to see who could get the best lightening photo. I took this one but Acacia says hers was better, but I can't find it anymore, so I think we'll just have to say I won.

It's good to be 14.

I love you, beautiful girl.



Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All 55 in her first 13

It's 11pm and I'm making crepes with the leftover batter for tomorrow's breakfast. That pretty much sums up my summer so far - busy! 

But we're having loads of fun as well...
starting with Cayenne's final Colorado 14er on June 20th. That's 55 mountains higher than 14,000ft, before she turned 14.

You go, girl!

Shane and his son Keegan joined us for the big day.

That's Nicolas on the middle hump, and if you look reeeeally closely, you'll see Cayenne & Acacia climbing up the final push. They're about halfway up the part you can see.

Cayenne opened her first bottle of champagne on top of Handies Pk (14,058ft/4285m)...

... or actually it opened itself. As soon as the metal was off, poof! (see the cork?)


Yay Cay!

And thank you Nicolas for being her guide, supporter, encourager and companion.