Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The (Not So) Secret Fort

One of Cayenne's favorite places is The Secret Fort, a hidden space in the thick scrub oak across from Petra's. There's a well trodden path leading to it, and usually peals of laughter emanating from it, but the neighborhood kids feel safe and secret there.

It was the most natural spot for her 12th birthday, but she didn't know I knew that. While she and her buddy Paola painted tiles and quietly hung out, her Fort Friends were busy decorating with streamers and balloons. 

When it was all ready, Maddie and Quinn came to call on her as they often do, and Cayenne had her first true surprise party. Taking after her Papa, she's not a hugely social person, but this is exactly what she wanted - only had no idea how to go about making it happen so didn't ask. Yay Mom for mind-reading!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

(Acacia made the banner) 

And then.................

... Dominoes delivered pizza directly to the fort. ha! 

I know, I know, I'm brilliant. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good Times!

I'm back! Are you still here??

Guess where we were? For a full week, Nicolas and I got to slip away to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Santa Barbara, CA. And by slip away I mean the trip was free because Nick flew a client down there; he got paid to be there; and friends and family took care of the girls. WooHoo!

This would be a lovely photo if you chopped off my head. The background is purdy! Not sure what I was running my mouth about, but I'm certain it was important.

We climbed around the rocks and found this little beach...

Then we climbed more rocks and found this BIG beach. 

Alone in Cabo - almost an oxymoron! 

 We spent an evening with Sean & Susie and Don & Kellie (with whom we flew down), who were staying at the home of some of their Durango friends. We could easily have camped in the wine cellar...

But the rest of the house didn't suck either.

 It was pleasant having our drinks served by the wait staff and all...

... but a simple beach bar with my hubby is definitely more my speed.

Cheers to Ilona and Michel, Erika and Bill, and Katie and Carl for helping to make this happen by taking such good care of our girls. Love you all. ♥

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Growing Up and Old

"Mama?! One of the baby birds is on the ground and he can't fly back up!!" Acacia was almost in tears as she called me at work just now. I'm on floor, which means I am the agent "on call" in case anyone needs one. The office doors are propped wide open and cyclists are flying down the hill and around the corner onto Main Avenue. It's the Iron Horse weekend and this town is chock full of bikes.

Yesterday was the big race to Silverton and today are all kinds of smaller races downtown. The speed the bikes are coming around this corner is shocking. Only one crash so far...

The first bird tried to fly today and did a pretty good job getting to the ornamental cherry right next door. But he didn't move from there for three hours until he tried and ended up on the ground. Acacia is worried he'll get eaten by something.

In the ornamental cherry tree, just below their nest.

She's called me back twice, and this time said the parents are there now trying to encourage others to fly. Another one made it to the cherry tree. I wonder how they get them back to the nest.


I got home and discovered there was no plan for getting back to the nest. The parents yelled, "Chop chop! Fly Already!!" to the other two until they, too, jumped. And that was it. Done. Off they went to learn to fly, find food, and fend for themselves. Pretty awesome and scary. 


And while these little ones were growing up in a hurry, I tried to pretend I wasn't by riding the Iron Horse.

Rolling into Silverton... Glorious weather, piles of friends in town,
and feeling my age in my knees, neck and butt!