Monday, November 23, 2015

Utah Slot Canyons

November 18, 2015. - Seventeen years ago today I made a commitment to an adventure that was guaranteed to be a whole lot awesome, and a little bit crazy—and my Nicolas has not disappointed!

A week ago we went what I believe they call canyoneering (we just called it fun), and as usual, it was a whole lot awesome and a little bit crazy.

Day 1: Leprechaun Canyon 

Definitely awesome.

We loved Day 1 so much, we decided to stay and  have a 
Day 2: Monkey Business Canyon

Absolutely stunning.

Heading into the canyon.


And then the guaranteed awesome met the guaranteed crazy, because nothing with Nicolas is ever, how shall we say, unchallenging:

See Nick's foot? Now look way down to the bottom. That's Acacia who just shimmied down 30ft with her hands and feet.

Cayenne is on a ledge part way down, and still not sure she's digging this section. (She loved it once we were at the bottom of the slot.) And here's me, wondering if I'm going to get stuck partway down...

And it was amazing! I'm still 10 feet above Acacia here, and it's so narrow, my shoe is stuck. You can see it all bendy. Thank goodness it wasn't my butt stuck. That would've been embarrassing.

Descending the 500ft to the canyon floor required some ropes and wading through waist deep 40 degree water. So yeah, the "little bit crazy" part lasted a few hours.

We didn't get any photos of the deep pools we had to stand on each others' shoulders to get out of, because we were too busy trying to climb silky mud walls and sliding back into the water.

One more super fun rappel into a beautiful glade at the canyon's bottom.

Cayenne coming down the second half of the last rappel.

Hi Daddy!

And then we hiked along the canyon floor for a while, climbed the 500ft back out, and walked a few miles back to the car. It took us 6.5 hours round trip.

I was sore, bruised and scraped, but felt so alive—as I always do with my Nicolas.

Happy Anniversary my Awesome Crazy Husband!



  1. Awsome ! I hope you had some breadcrumbs or little stones to mark your way in that labyrinth ! happy anniversary to you. I hope that you will soon be all together again !

  2. Sooo pretty - & a bit scary - I just read 172 hours - Happy anniversary

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